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What are the core functions of the AyiConnect app?

Call and video chat - Before deciding to hire a helper, you can contact her or him through our app! Save you more time and protect personal privacy.

Last minute urgent service - If you encounter a family emergency that needs help immediately, such as a sick child or getting stuck at work, just open the App and find a helper that is close to you! It's that simple!

Payment through App - Before you know the candidate, you can pay through the App first, especially during trial, and we will provide protection for your funds.

1:1 Concierge - We provide 1:1 service for families who are very busy professionals that don't have the time to screen.

Real-time notification - With the newly upgraded notification function, you will not miss any important information!

With the above new features, we truly believe that you will get a better experience with the AyiConnect App!

Updated on: 07/07/2021

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